A lot of folks don't like Vista, but I liked it.

I no longer use a Vista computer for my main computer, but I do still have a Compac notebook with Vista. I use this notebook mainly for testing.

Vista Home Basic came for computers with minimal computing power. Vista Home Premium needs more 'oomph' in order to perform satisfactorily and computers that come with Vista Home Premium will certainly come with more RAM and a faster processor and not to be overlooked, a higher price tag.

There is also Vista Business and Vista Ultimate. Obviously the Vista Business is mainly for business use and Vista Ultimate just has it all.

The biggest challenge for Windows XP users migrating to Vista is learning where everything they need is located in Vista. Some things are pretty obvious and some are sort of hidden. Most users did not opt for Vista due to all the negative press Vista generated. (A lot of the negative stuff was unwarranted, but that's beside the point.)

My Documents is now named just plain Documents.  Most of the things users need to know like the location of email folders are located in Appdata. Viewing hidden files and folders needs to be enabled to view AppData. Outlook Express is gone, replaced by a version now named Windows Mail. Windows Mail is mostly just like the old Outlook Express with a few deletions and a new feature for junk mail.  The Start Menu has an updated look and Search is greatly improved.

These are just a few of the new look and features in Vista. I have very few pages for Vista, mostly in answer to questions posed in Yahoo Groups.  All of the Vista pages can be accessed from the Vista sitemap.

A nice Vista Help site with tips, tricks and tutorials, Windvis.