The Missing Identities in Windows Mail

Sometimes I wonder why Microsoft makes the decisions to change programs. Why did they remove one of the best features from their 'new and enhanced' email program included with all versions of Vista? Only they know for sure.

I am referring to the feature in Outlook Express known as 'Identities'. This was the feature that many of us used to keep separate email addresses 'separate'. Identities can keep business email separate from personal email. They can keep Yahoo Groups mail separate from business and personal email.

According to inquiries to Microsoft about this missing feature,  they want users to setup separate user accounts. That's fine for more than one user, but I am the only user on my computer and I have lots of email accounts that I want to keep totally separate. In order to keep these accounts separate I now have to use other email programs.

Thanks a lot, Microsoft! NOT!

As always, an enterprising programmer has managed to write a program to put back the missing Identity feature into Windows Mail. However, the program isn't free so if I want the feature I now have to pay for the privilege of keeping my accounts separate. I haven't decided yet if I will get the Identity add back.

If you are interested, you can get the Identity add back by going to OEHelp

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