What's New

It is pretty obvious that what's new today may not be new tomorrow, but still I try to keep up with ever new and changing trends for Windows and the Internet.

Rumors are floating around the Internet about Windows Blue.  I hope it's better than Windows 8!

Google has a browser, Chrome! (This isn't new!)

Firefox 17 is now available!  Firefox is releasing new versions faster than I can keep up!

There are two service packs for Windows. SP3 for Windows XP and SP2 for Vista. This is not new, but SP1 for Windows 7 is 'sorta' new!

New computers now will come with Windows 8. But you can of course get a Mac; that comes with Apple's OS. There is a new and improved version of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is free.

WordPress is better than ever.

Fred Langa is having fun and doesn't have a newsletter any more. He does have a blog though. Update! Fred is back! You can read his column on Windows Secrets!

There is more of course, but it happens so fast I can't keep up!