Windows 7 AppData

AppData, which is actually a shortened name for application data, is the directory where Windows 7 stores all of the necessary files to operate your programs. To view AppData, enable viewing hidden files and folders.

There are three entries in AppData named 'Local', 'Local Low' and 'Roaming'.  Under each folder there are the data files for your applications otherwise known as Programs.

Most of the time you won't need to access AppData. But if you are using a document backup program like Karen's Replicator (my favorite document backup), you need to know where the files are located.

Most of Microsoft's application data is found under the 'Local' directory.  If you are using Microsoft Office, this is where you will find the Files to backup for Microsoft Outlook. (However, it seems that Outlook 2010 saves the files in a folder in Documents named Outlook Files)

This part can be a bit daunting at first, but once you locate the files location, that's it.

You can add a shortcut for AppData to you Documents for easier access. If you have enabled viewing Hidden files and folders, AppData will show on the list under your user name.  Screenshot

Right click on the AppData folder. When the menu opens, click Include in library and select Documents. Screenshot

Now you easily access AppData from the Navigation Pane.