'Clean Me'

I'm guessing just about everyone has seen 'clean me' or maybe 'wash me' written in the grime on a really dirty car.  That will probably (or maybe not) cause the car's owner to really want to clean it up.

Almost anything needs to be cleaned every now and then.  (I am thinking my house needs a good clean, even as I write this!)

This includes a computer as well.  Desktop computers can get really grungy and full of dirt, especially if the tower sits on the floor and/or is in a dusty environment.

Dirty Computer Pictures Six pages of photos.  I wonder if these computers even worked?

There are a lot of tutorials on the web about how to clean your computer. Most of them are pretty much the same. The one on Microsoft at home is pretty basic and you can follow the steps shown to clean out the accumulation of dirt that can damage your computer.

But what about Windows?  Windows needs to be cleaned out sometimes as well.

There are hundreds of folks out there on the web that know you need to clean out the junk on your computer and they want to sell you a product to do just that. They try to con you into thinking if only you buy their product you computer will run like new.

Keep your money and learn how to clean Windows yourself. It isn't hard and Windows will do the work for you.

The How-to-Geek has a really great article that tells you about those scams for cleaning pcs and how to get Windows to the cleaning without paying a cent!

About cleaning, you should know there is an exception. There is one thing that doesn't need to be cleaned!  The Registry in Windows should just be left alone!

If you think you absolutely must use a Registry cleaner, maybe you should stop and think "Do I want to take a chance and turn my computer into an expensive doorstop?"

Besides Registry cleaners for sale, there are a number of really scammy programs that will 'clean your computer and make it as fast as when it was new' NOT!

Clean your computer yourself for free.

Clean your computer but not for free. These programs just take advantage of folks. See what I found when I tested two programs that claim to make your computer faster. And I am willing to bet there are more of these cons out there!