Customize Windows Live Mail

The ribbon in Windows Live Mail 2011 takes a bit of getting used to.  But you can make some changes so that you don't have to constantly hunt for what you want.

In addition to the WLM Button, there are those ribbons. At first glance the ribbons can be a bit overwhelming. Chances are, most of what's on the ribbons can be a bit more than what you need or want.

You can add to the 'Quick Access Bar' and hide the ribbons.  This will make what you want easier to find and also give you more space for email.

To add to your Quick Access Bar, first right click on any of the icons on a ribbon.  Screenshots

Once you have added all the stuff you want to keep handy, you can 'hide' the ribbons, by right clicking on the Quick Access Bar and selecting 'minimize the ribbons'.  The ribbons are still accessible by clicking on the name of the ribbon you need.

You can move the Quick Access Bar above or below the ribbon, which ever you prefer.

Change where Windows keeps all your messages for Windows Live Mail.