Free Email Programs

I am trying to find a really good free program to use on Windows 7, so I have downloaded and tested several programs.  Keep in mind, what I like or dislike may not be the same for you.

I used to really like Outlook Express, but it doesn't come on Vista or Windows 7. Windows Live Mail is a buggy version of Outlook Express and the best feature, Identities, is no longer there. I think Microsoft knew it was buggy and came up with Windows Live Mail. I guess it's OK, but for some reason I find it hard to like. It also has a few bugs, but I think I could live with this one if there just wasn't anything else. I am hoping there is something else. In fact, there is NO email program that comes with Windows 7! (Why I don't like Windows Live Mail) Since trying the original Windows Live Mail I upgraded to Windows Live Mail 2011.  Much better! Unfortunately this version of Windows Live Mail will not work on Windows XP. (Microsoft has updated to Windows Live Mail 2012, but it still is pretty much the same.)

There is Thunderbird. There are a lot of folks who really like Thunderbird, but I am not one of them.

Some one told me about Evolution for Windows. They said it was a good replacement for Microsoft Outlook.  Trust me, while it is a fair program, it is no substitute for Outlook. Still, once I figured out how to get it all setup, it seems to be ok. However I really don't like it.

Pegasus mail is another free email program. I could not make it send mail even though there is an option to change the ports. I think it is just me, so you may have no problems with Pegasus mail.

One of the very best free email programs is Eudora. Eudora is easy to configure and is a full featured email client, although it doesn't have a calendar. I used Eudora for a long time. It is no longer supported and many of the features like Help and the spam filters are no longer viable. I tried Eudora, version 8.0b7 on my Windows 7 RCM  and it seems to be better than any of the other free programs I have tried. The problem with Eudora is the fact it is no longer being updated and may contain security holes.

Incredimail. While a lot of tech folks disdain Incredimail, it is very well designed and easy to use. I wish it had a 'plain text' option, but I can't find one.  Other than that, Incredimail is a pretty good email program.  I don't recommend it for tech groups as most of them are plain text only. But if you like 'pretty', Incredimail just might be for you. There are a few things about Incredimail I don't like.  The installer wanted to change my home page. It also put unwanted icon shortcuts on my  Desktop. Screenshots I didn't like Incredimail enough to keep it so I uninstalled it

eMClient I evaluated this program and it seems to be one of the best of the free programs. It comes in a paid version as well as free. The trial is the same as the Pro version and reverts to the free version at the end of the trial. Registration is required at the end of the 14-day trial, but a license is available for student and home users and is free. My review

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