Email Programs (Not Free)

(My reviews)

I decided to try some of the Pay for programs. These programs have a free trial.

I tried 'The Bat'. The Home version does not seem to support changing port numbers and since most ISPs will eventually require different ports, this is a waste of time for me. I also have more than one email account and the home version will only allow one. I would need the Pro version which is more expensive. Both my ISP and Gmail require different port settings than the default. It is a better program than most, but I can't really warm up to it, so it is not on my buy list.

I tried Courier mail but it would not let me change the server ports. Since my ISP needs different ports than the defaults, Courier mail is not an option for me. Courier email is no longer available from the publisher but may be found on some of the download sites like Cnet.

Poco mail (also not free) is another email client I tried. It is slightly buggy though and if I forward a mail with pictures the pictures don't go. Probably a setting somewhere, but I haven't found it yet. I have to say that I do not think it is worth paying for, although I did. Unfortunately Poco Mail tends to crash frequently on my computer and I then get a Runtime error that keeps popping up rapidly and I have to stop it from the Task manager.  This could be a conflict with something else and might not happen to you. I tried Poco Mail on Vista, but it should work on Windows 7.

Some of the reasons email programs don't work for me:

  • I absolutely hate it if I don't have an option to scroll to the next message even if it has already been read.
  • I also hate not being able to go back to previously read messages without closing the current message and clicking on the already read message.
  • There is no obvious option to change POP and SMTP ports. The folks who write/upgrade these programs should realize this is an important feature.

The above reasons seem to be prevalent in many of the email programs I tested, both free and paid. There are probably settings somewhere that could correct this but the settings, if they are there, are hidden and even though I searched and read forums, etc., I could not locate them. Email programs should be easier to configure, especially for inexperienced users.

My email program that I use all the time is Microsoft Outlook 2007.  It is the most expensive of the paid programs, but for me it is worth it. It has a calendar with reminders which I desperately need, notes, a journal and it just works. It is also very easy to setup.