Importing Contacts and Messages from Outlook Express

It's confusing! No Outlook Express in Windows 7 and no way to get it!

You want to keep your contacts (Address Book) and all of your saved email messages but how?  How can you get them into another email program on Windows 7?

First of all, you need to decide which email program to use on Windows 7. That can be a challenge as well. There are a lot of programs to choose from, some free and some not free. (See Free Email for Win 7) and (Paid Email for Win 7)

Most users want a free program and there are two you should consider, Windows Live Mail 2012 and Thunderbird.

Each has good features and once they are installed and configured will work well for folks used to Outlook Express.

You can download and try each of these programs and then decide which you prefer. Filters can be setup in each of them to keep your Inbox tidy. I found the filters easier for WLM 2012 than for Thunderbird, but WLM 2012 has a big 'gotcha' if you change your email address.

The WLM 2012 gotcha is this:

If you change your ISP and delete the old ISP account from WLM, you will lose all of the messages received from the old ISP. To avoid losing messages, backup the messages BEFORE removing the old account information. (You should have backups anyway, in the event of system crashes or hard drive failure.) You can move them all to the Storage area and avoid losing them, but I lost a lot of mail by removing an email account before I knew about this.  (I did have a backup!)