Personalize Windows 7

With Windows 7, Microsoft brings back the ever popular themes. While these themes are not the same as themes for earlier versions, they are just as nice and can be customized to the user's individual wants.  Themes from Microsoft These Themes take advantage of Windows Aero. You can change the colors, screensavers and Desktop background here.

To change the way backgrounds for programs look, font colors and other stuff like title bars, etc., you need to bring up the old familiar dialog screen that was used in older versions of Windows.


To bring up the screen, right click on the Desktop and select Personalize.  This will bring up the Personalization screen with all of the installed Themes.


Now scroll to the bottom and click Windows color and a new screen will open.


Click Advanced Appearance Settings and make the changes you desire.  Don't forget to click Apply!

Windows Plus! But they really don't work as well as on Windows 98.

All the Windows 7 themes displayed here. You can look at the scenes before downloading the theme pack. There's even a video that tells you how to make your own theme.