Where Is The Email In Windows 7?

You got a new computer with Windows 7. One of the first things to do is set up your email, but you can't find Outlook Express. So where is it?

Sorry, it isn't there! There isn't any email program in Windows 7! Some pc makers may have added it for you, but it doesn't come with Windows 7.

Email is probably the most used program on any computer besides the web browser. About that email program; Microsoft expects you to either use a web-based email application or else download an email program. Microsoft just happens to have one for you called Windows Live Mail.

Windows Live Mail is part of a 'suite' of programs named Essentials. All in one download, you can get Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie maker and several more applications. When you click the Download button, you will see a box that says 'Do you want to run or save this file?' Click the 'Run' button.

When the installer opens you will see the list of all the programs included in the download. Notice that all the programs have a check in the box beside each one. You can leave all the check marks and download and install them all or you can un-check any of them you don't want. Make your selections and click 'Next'. The installer will take care of everything. Once it's all completed installing you can find your new programs in the Windows Live folder in Programs on the Windows Start menu.

Locate the Windows Live Mail in the Windows Live folder by clicking Start (that pretty colored orb in the lower left corner of your screen) and click 'All programs'. You may need to scroll down a bit. When you see the 'Windows Live' folder, click on it and you should see the new programs including Windows Live Mail.

To put a shortcut on your Desktop for Windows Live Mail, put your cursor on the icon for Windows Live Mail and right click. You should get the menu that includes 'Send to' with another menu that includes Desktop. Click Desktop and now you won't have to hunt every time for your email program.

Now that you have your new email program installed, you still need to set it up to get your mail.

If you still have your Windows XP computer you can transfer stuff using Microsoft's 'Windows Easy Transfer'. Please note, I have never used this feature so cannot help with this.