Some Great Tips for Windows 7

There are a lot of tips and tweaks available for Windows 7. Some are just for fun, but some really do make a difference in how to use Windows 7. I don't see the benefit in a lot of the tips that are available, but occasionally I find one that really makes a lot of sense.  Some of those are listed here.

How to Reorganize the All Programs Section on the Windows 7 Start Menu

Windows 7 has powerful Search, but knowing exactly how to use it can be daunting for new Win 7 users. The How-to Geek explains it all!

There are some new features in Windows 7 that users just don't like. Again, the How-to Geek has solutions. There are a lot of them, so take a look to see if your annoyances are listed here. For a list of all the Geek's great tips, just look to see if any of them are for you. (You may have noticed, I like the How-to Geek!)

Every now and then I come across a tip that I wonder how I managed before I found it.

One of my more recent finds is how to open two or more windows in Windows Explorer. If you don't already have the Windows Explorer icon pinned to the Taskbar, pin it now. Click it once to open a window. To Open a new separate Window, hold down the Shift key and click the same Icon again. This makes managing folders and files in Windows Explorer so much easier for me and probably will for you as well.