Handy Help for Windows 7

Practically over night, there are a lot of Windows 7 blogs and sites.  Some of them have a lot of really good tips, tricks and real help.

On of the things that is completely changed (or appears to be) is the way to customize the Windows 7 Desktop. If you are coming from Windows XP this is really a big difference. Microsoft has lots of wonderful Themes to download from their site.  (I do love my eye candy!)

One of the first places I look for a 'how-to' is the How-to-Geek. The Geek's site also has a lot of help for other versions of Windows. His explanations for how-tos are so easy to follow!

A familiar name to those of us that have been using some version of Windows for a long time is Lockergnome.

A really nice site for learning the basics of Windows 7 is Top Windows Tutorials. There are a lot of other tutorials there as well.  Better bookmark this one for sure!

Into Windows has a lot of handy stuff as well, including Theme Packs (or links to Theme packs) and free utilities.

I am not a fan of forums, but sometimes you can pickup some really handy tips. The Windows 7 Forums is one to search. The tip about finding where to set screensaver options can come in handy for beginners!

One of the biggies for users is email. All versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Vista contained a free email program. However, Microsoft chose to not include an email program in Windows 7. They do have some information on how to import your e‑mail messages, contacts, and calendar into Windows Live Mail.  But if you don't want to use Windows Live Mail there are other options. You can read my reviews of some alternatives for email. A Google search will find more.