Windows XP to Windows 7

If you have been using Windows XP for a long time but have made the switch to Windows 7, there's a lot to learn. (And if you go from XP to Windows 8, It will blow your mind!)

The learning curve may take a few days or even a few weeks, but trust me, once you get the 'hang' of Windows 7 you will love it!

Windows 7 just works. 

If you are planning to upgrade your Windows XP to Windows 7, there are some things you should do/know before you make the plunge.

First run the upgrade advisor from Microsoft.  This will let you know whether it is advisable to upgrade or just stay with XP.

If after running the advisor and everything is good to go, you need to know in advance, you cannot upgrade over' your current Windows XP. So before you continue, make a backup of all your data onto external media. If you have a lot of data it is best to use a program like Karen's Replicator and back up all the data you want to keep.  Don't forget to back up your email files and Favorites. Those files are not generally located in My Documents. See Backup your stuff for some places those files are located.

Also remember to backup paid for program keys!

Once the deed is done (Windows 7 is installed!) take the time to learn where everything is located. 

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If you read your email in Outlook Express: Import your Outlook Express Messages and address book into Windows Live Mail