Fixing a Broken Windows 8

Windows 8 is not all bad.  In fact it really is pretty good, once you can get over that ugly Metro-style (Modern UI) on the Start page.

Remember how much of a hassle it was to  re-install older versions of Windows?

Hassle no more with Windows 8! Recently I had the opportunity to see how this works.  I have a young friend that had basically 'bricked' his brand new Windows 8.  It would boot, but when it completed booting, it was totally frozen.  The touchpad didn't work, mouse didn't work and the keyboard didn't work.

I kept trying to reboot, (I had to keep holding the power button until it shut down) then finally managed to get to the screen offering the options to do a refresh or a reset back to the original state. It was so bricked it couldn't do the refresh, so back to the original state.  Once this started, it took about 3 1/2 hours to complete.

It was so easy.  No hunting for restore disks and or product keys; it was all automatic. Now just to install all the updates, Windows did that without any problem. 

There was a virus scanner trial, removed that and Windows 8 automatically turned Windows defender on.  I did update Windows Defender and uninstalled some crapware, but this was the easiest fix I ever did, just took some time.

Of course, if you have installed a lot of programs and done a lot of tweaking, this method will lose all of that.  I suggest using a third party backup program and back it all up to external media. (At least backup your data files)

Macrium Reflect I use this backup program on Windows 7.  It works great. It also has a free version, located here.  Ask Leo has some great pages on how to use Macrium Reflect. Restore from an image and restore a file from an image backup.

There are other free backup programs.  Read about some of them on Gizmo's site.  He likes Macrium as well.