Really Helpful Sites for Windows 8

As soon as  the first install of Windows 8 Preview became available, there were a lot of technical folks digging into it and providing tips and tweaks for those of us who are not so good at digging into the inner workings of Windows.

Along the way I kept notes (a lot of notes!) about Windows 8 in Evernote. It soon became apparent which sites I found the most helpful, so I will list them here for future reference for me and hopefully helpful for you.

It also became apparent these are the sites that have been very helpful to me for earlier versions of Windows as well.   I call these sites my 'Super Stars for Windows'.

The Super Stars

  • How-to Geek This is where I go first for questions. The How-to Geek has sections for a number of things. Explore his site to find all of the goodies he has stashed there. Newsletter and RSS feed available. (If you aren't familiar with RSS, check it out.)
  • Help Desk Geek The link here takes you straight to his Windows 8 most current article. He has a lot of stuff as well and you can subscribe to his daily newsletter for the latest stuff.
  • Dave's Computer Tips  Dave has tons of good tips. Get his newsletter or better yet subscribe to his RSS feed.
  • Into Windows The author of this site loves Windows and always has good tips.  Newsletter and RSS feed available.
  • Tweaking with Vishal  As the name indicates, a lot of tweaks. RSS available.
  • The Windows Club  This site is written by a Microsoft MVP and newsletter and RSS feed are available.

A lot of the tips and tweaks on these sites are the same, but each can provide their own perspective and are written so well, I just enjoy them all. Most provide links for downloads and so far none of those downloads I've tried have included virus or malware.  However, freeware sites do include sneaky add-ons, so you need to watch when installing and make sure you uncheck what you don't want.

Of course, the big daddy for Windows 8 help is Microsoft.

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