How Do I Do That?

Windows 8 does not come with a manual on how to do things. It should though, because it isn't easy to find out how to do things and folks are certainly frustrated with Windows 8; some even to the point of uninstalling it or returning it to the vendors.

However, even if it did come with a manual users probably couldn't find it! I finally found how to turn the computer off, but it wasn't easy and I have to admit I got frustrated trying to find out how!  Not good, Microsoft!  Not all computer users are techies, some just want to turn on the computer, read email and surf the web.

How to Turn off Windows 8 -  Screenshots

Most of us know too many programs running in the background can cause our computer to run oh so s-l-o-w, but once you open an app in Windows 8, how do you close it? Again, this is not as easy as closing a program in earlier versions of Windows. Unless you know how, it doesn't seem possible.

How to Close Windows 8 Apps - Screenshot

Screenshots are so handy. They can explain things that may be hard to explain any other way. You know, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.  Making good screenshots in earlier versions of Windows required several steps, but not in Windows 8. A lot of help sites said all you have to do is press the Win Key and the prt sc key and that screenshot goes directly to your pictures folder.  How cool is that. I couldn't make that work on my Compaq, but pressing the fn key, Win key and prt sc key works just fine. 

How to view Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 8

First make sure you have the expanded ribbon showing in File Explorer. (Formerly known as Windows Explorer. This name change makes a lot of sense!)

Then click the View tab and put check marks by File name extensions and Hidden items. Screenshot

How to Print Your Calendar in Windows 8

Perhaps the easiest way to use Windows 8 is to use all of the shortcut keys already setup for Windows 8.  You can find the list on several websites; here is the one I use, Get to Know the New Shortcut Keys in Windows 8  by the How To Geek The How To Geek has oodles of good tips for Windows 8 and even has a great eBook for Windows 8.  Read about his book here.