Importing OE Contacts to Windows 8

One of the first things folks want to do when setting up a new computer is get their email!

Windows 8 does include a very basic email program.  The consensus is this program just won't cut it and it's time to download a copy of Windows Live Mail 2012, found in Windows Live Essentials. This needs to be done on the Desktop. (To get there, press the Win key and the D key.)

Once it is downloaded and installed it's time to get your stuff imported from Outlook Express and that includes your precious contacts. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy unless users know the right steps.

In order to import your contacts, you must have a backup of Outlook Express and the backup MUST include the WAB file. The WAB file is where Outlook Express stored the Contacts and was located in the Address Book. In Windows XP it would be stored in this location: C:\Documents and Settings\Name\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book, where Name could be the user's name or in my case, Owner.

For easy access, the backup should be copied to the Documents folder in Windows 8.

Some screenshots of how it works.