About That Mail App..

Just about the first thing users do when setting up a new computer is set up email.

That's what I did and the aggravation factor kicked in, big time. I got it set up, but it was not fun and very soon I decided this mail app leaves a ton of stuff to be desired.

It wouldn't let me add a my ISP's POP email account. There is a work-around, but this is ridiculous! It wanted me to set up a Microsoft account. It REALLY wanted me to set up a Microsoft account!  So I gave up and set up the Microsoft account. It really put me through the hoops.  First it wouldn't let me use more than 16 characters in the password. Then came that CAPTCHA thing. (I always have a problem with those, but I understand why they are there.)

I finally just created a new Microsoft email account using my Windows 7 computer and then set it up in Windows 8.

Setting up email has always been a bit of a pain, but never this much! Microsoft isn't making me love Windows 8 with this kind of stuff. Why couldn't I just use my email I use all the time?

There are a lot of limitations in the Mail app. You can't print from the app.  You can't change the setting to plain text. There are just too many things I want that are missing.

How do I close it? (That's missing from all of these Windows Apps; no way to close them?) There is a way, but it isn't easy to find it. How to close a Windows 8 App

Since I really have to say I think this Mail App doesn't quite cut the mustard with me, I went to the Desktop, downloaded and installed Windows Live Mail 2012.  Oh so much better!