What's Next?

When the next major update for Windows 8 is released, what will it do to the Desktop? Rumors are flying and some are saying Microsoft is going to move more from the Desktop to the Modern UI.

I hope not, but the softies don't seem to care about us long-time Windows users and want to force us to the tablet type interface. I certainly hope they don't cripple the third party Start menus!

I wonder if anyone at Microsoft is listening to us? They surely know by now that most Windows users are not enamored of the Modern UI interface.

Tablets are fine for a lot of uses, but not serious computing. I have to admit, this ugly tile Modern UI has completely turned me against ever getting a Windows tablet of any kind, not to mention the high prices.  I can get a notebook for less $$ and it will do more!

I am using my Windows 7 notebook for most of what I do.  I could use the Windows 8 notebook if I have to and I am using it more than I did, but when I do use it, it is the Desktop mode, not the Modern UI. The only time I use the Modern UI is when I am checking how to do something.

So while I wait for the next update, I read all the rumors and wonder, 'What's really next, Microsoft? Will I have to get a new operating system like Ubuntu? Will I have to build a new computer and put Windows 7 on it the next time I need a new computer?"

Microsoft needs to remember, users have choices.  Apple may be a viable alternative for me, so I am saving money to buy, just in case those rumors are true and Microsoft is trying to do away with the Desktop.