The PDF App in Windows 8

I tested this new feature by accessing a pdf file from my network and copied it to the Documents folder. I have to applaud Microsoft for adding a basic pdf reader to Windows 8. The old standby, Adobe Reader, is bloated and seems to be needing a constant update to fix security holes.

I clicked on the file to open it and I could read the file in a very generic looking application.  There was none of the header information seen in most pdf readers.

However I could read the file just fine. But exiting the file was not so easy. After trying a few unsuccessful clicking around, I right clicked on the lower right of the screen and a black bar came up on the screen with a number of buttons.

Like other Apps in Windows 8, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to print a pdf file. The How to Geek tells us How to Print PDF Files and Email in Windows 8.

I really think the built-in pdf reader is a bit too primitive so I downloaded my favorite reader PDF Exchange and it works just fine.