Print Your Calendar in Windows 8

Windows 8 just seems to try our patience! Some things seem to be impossible, like printing your calendar.

There is no print option in the Windows 8 calendar. None, nada. Microsoft seemed to think folks wouldn't want to print a calendar and most folks probably wouldn't, but how about those who DO want to print it?

However, Windows has always had work-a-rounds and there is a way in Windows 8 to print your calendar. You do have to have a Microsoft account for this process.

How I print my calendar in Windows 8 (if I decide to print it).

I input all the information on the calendar that I need.  Then I login to my Microsoft account using this link (using the desktop browser) and it opens to my account. (This should work with Hotmail as well.)

Since I was working on my calendar, it opened in my Live account.  See this screenshot.

Once I have opened the calendar in my Microsoft account, I can print it using the print option in the browser.

If you view your email first and then want to get to the calendar, click the down arrow and then click the calendar icon. Screenshots

Of course there is an easier way to print the calendar! (There is always more than one way to do things, even in Windows 8.) Just make a screenshot of the calendar using the Win key + prt sc. Then go to the Desktop/Libraries/Pictures and find the folder named Screenshots. Locate the screenshot of your calendar and then print it. How easy is that.

The advantage of viewing the calendar in the Live account is simply this; it is available from any computer when you log into your email.