Setting up Windows 8 Pro

I installed Windows 8 Pro on Oct 26, the day it was first available.  I took advantage of the upgrade deal (download for $39.99 while it is available) By the way, that doesn't include the sales tax. See How to Upgrade to Windows 8 for complete steps and screenshots.

Once I paid for the upgrade, I received an email containing the product key and I was good to go.  By the way, that email came almost immediately!

It went very smoothly.  I had already removed the Consumer Preview from the Compaq and restored Vista, so all I had to do was download ImgBurn so I could burn the iso to disk (for my backup) and then install Windows 8 from the download.

I set up the Compaq so everyone in my family can play with it for now. (They are not impressed!)

The final install does seem a little bit more stable than the consumer preview, but this could be just an impression on my part.

I installed Evernote and it started syncing right away. I have been adding tons of hints to Evernote, so now I can access the hints without a problem.

I needed to install my HP Envy printer, but the install disk didn't work. So I went to HP's site and got The HP Printer Install Wizard. This also went smooth as glass.

I downloaded and installed Some of the Windows Live Essentials; Photo Gallery and Windows Live Mail. I do not like the Mail and Photo Viewer included with Windows 8. I downloaded my favorite browser, Firefox. They all work just fine!