The Hunt for My Favorite Spider Solitaire

I am not a real 'gamer', but I do like Spider Solitaire. In fact I play it a lot, sometimes when I should be doing important stuff.

Microsoft chose to not include any games in Windows 8. (For shame!) Games can be downloaded from the Windows App Store, but trust me, they are not the same as the games included in earlier versions of Windows.  In fact, I found the free Spider Solitaire to be disappointing to say the least. It only has one option, the easy one, which is too easy for most folks.

There are some other Spider games, but the one I want to play has (gasp) ads! I can get the ads removed for $. I doubt I play it much as long as my Windows 7 computers work.

So I have been checking for other sites that cater to Spider lovers like me and am currently looking for a good substitute for my trusty Spider! So far, nothing really comes close.

Microsoft wants everyone to be an Xbox user.  It's not for me, but maybe it is for you. 

Xbox for Windows 8

Seems to me that Microsoft is eliminating a lot of stuff like Windows Media Center in order to make the install smaller. It also is going to make folks spend money in order to get back some of the features they want. It also seems to me Microsoft is alienating a lot of older Windows users. Like me.