System Restore in Windows 8

Windows 8 has nifty features that can 'Refresh your Windows' or do a 'Reset' that will put Windows 8 like when it was first installed. But sometimes you may just want to 'undo' something that the Refresh or Reset would be  overkill. That is when you would do a System Restore.

A lot of folks have had problems with System Restore in earlier versions of Windows, but it always worked for me.

So I wanted to see if System Restore is still  available in Windows 8.  It's there and easy to set restore points, both from the Metro-style (Modern UI) screen and the desktop.

In the Start screen, I typed Settings and then I typed System Restore in the settings search box.


It is easier to set a restore point from the Desktop, just right click on the Computer icon. Select Properties and click System Protection. Select the System Protection Tab. (It opened there for me.) At the bottom of this screen, click the Create button and the 'create a restore point' screen comes up.


From there, just follow the prompts to create your restore point. Hopefully I won't need to use mine but you never know.

I didn't have to use System Restore many times, but when I did, it was a wonderful thing for me. I now use a backup program, Macrium Reflect, so it isn't likely I will ever need System Restore, but it's nice to know it's there.

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