Tweaking Windows 8

Since I don't like the Metro-style (Modern UI) interface, I downloaded and tested three third party programs to add the Start button to the Desktop. All three of these programs boot straight to the Desktop. (That's good!)

The programs I tested:

All three I tested worked well. However I wanted to still access the Metro-style (Modern UI) and it was not easy from the Classic Shell and seemed impossible from the IOBit StartMenu8. So it looked like the Start8 from Stardock was the best option for me.

I am still looking for a way to make those big ugly tiles smaller and stay smaller without having to make them smaller each time I boot up!

So far Windows 8 is looking pretty good. However, I think Microsoft has made a big mistake in not allowing users to boot to the Desktop with a Start button.

Another option for a free Start button is ViStart 8.1 Be careful when installing as this download includes foistware.

Evolving the Start Menu An interesting article by Steven Sinofsky.

I'm not the only one! More People Miss the Old Windows Start Menu Than Microsoft Would Like to Say.

Help! I've got Windows 8 and I miss my Start menu! Another article with some more options for the missing Start menu.

We can but hope: Will Microsoft Restore Start Menu to Windows 8?

Some more Start Buttons here in this article on itwire.

As time goes by, more options for adding a Start menu are available. Gizmo's Freeware says these are the Best Free Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement.

Maybe you don't want to add a third party program to Windows 8, but would still like to have the Start Menu.  IntoWindows has a solution for you.

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