Opinion: Windows 8 or Windows Hate?

Which will it be?

 I am not using a touch screen, but a regular laptop. The Metro-style (Modern UI) screen has a few good points, but not enough to make it worthwhile for me. I miss the Start button, and I find the navigation to be challenging.

I started trying out this new version of Windows when the very first Windows 8 Developer Preview was made available for download. I couldn't believe my eyes when it installed. I was totally dismayed by this 'Metro-style (Modern UI)' screen. I tried finding my way around and eventually managed to 'find stuff', but it seemed that for everywhere I wanted to go, it took more steps than in my Windows 7. This is progress?

There are some good things about Windows 8 I like, if only I could overlook that awful 'Metro-style'.  I think it's garish and ugly

There are a number of things I like about Windows 8.

It installed very easy. It found my wireless network with no problem. (That was a big plus.)

There are tweaks galore available on the Internet. But I feel a new Windows OS should work out of the box and not have to be tweaked in order to use it.

Now since I just hate to give up on anything computer related, I am going to make Windows Hate into Windows 8 or at least try! (But I think the majority of folks, especially those who used Windows XP for a long time, will hate Windows 8.)

I hope that Microsoft will do a better job for desktop and laptop users when they come out with the next version of Windows. In the meantime I am saving for a Mac. At least Apple computers don't look like my iPad!

So listen up, Microsoft! My computer is not a tablet! I don't want it to be a tablet, I want to use it like a computer!

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