Windows 8

When the first install of Windows 8 Preview became available, I installed it with great anticipation

I was astounded and dismayed. This is Windows? It can't be true! I felt betrayed by Microsoft. I tried using it, but I couldn't get 'in' to it. I pretty much left it alone until the next preview version became available.

It didn't help much. I still didn't like it all. When the last version called the Consumer Preview was released, I tried a little harder to use it. But all I found was what I didn't like, and I couldn't seem to focus on the good parts.

Windows 8 is not your father's Windows. It isn't really mine yet either, but it's beginning to 'grow' on me bit by bit.

II guess the reason it isn't mine yet is because I am using Windows 7 most of the time.

Windows 8 is, so they say, just Windows 7 with a new face.  That may be true in once respect, but this Windows 8 is 'two faced'! (Start page with that in your face Metro UI and the good old Desktop, but without the Start button.)

Since I am a stubborn old woman, I decided I would learn to use Windows 8, one way or another.  So when the final version was released on October 26, 2012, I bought it, downloaded and installed it on my old Compaq that came with Vista.

I am slowly getting there. I like the fact that it is so much safer than previous Windows versions. So far almost all the programs I use on Windows 7 work just fine on Windows 8. I still have some to be installed, but I am trying to take it slow and easy until I get the hang of it all.

I have quite a way to go before I can honestly say I like Windows 8.  Maybe one day I will, but not yet. But I do like it better than I did.

Will 90 percent of users always hate Windows 8?

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