XP To Windows 8

If your old XP computer is no longer functional and you bought a new computer with Windows 8, by now you are probably crying in frustration.

What on earth was Microsoft thinking! This isn't Windows, it's a disaster!

All is not lost. The old familiar Windows Desktop is hiding behind that ugly screen that first loads with Windows.  (I have heard a lot of folks say this new screen is beautiful. I hope you think it is, but to me it is garish and way too 'in my face'.) It does take a bit of getting used to, especially since Microsoft decided we don't need the Start button anymore. (Are they crazy?)

If you are a bit techy, you can eventually find your way around. By clicking the Desktop tile on the Modern Ul interface, you will see it looks a lot like the old familiar desktop. It is the same in a lot of ways, but things are just not exactly where they used to be. A lot of stuff is hiding in a Directory named AppData, which is hidden until you tell Windows not to hide it.

I know it isn't easy. If you have an iPhone or an iPad or maybe an android tabet, try thinking about how those work and maybe, just maybe it will help you find your way around the ugly Start. But if you are like me, and just can't live without your familiar Desktop with the Start button, go to a cool website and download a Start button and install it. The desktop will have a Start button and it will automatically boot to the Desktop as well.

But just because you get the Start button back, please continue to try and learn how to use this Windows 8, because they do say this is the future, so we need to learn how to manage it.

There is a really cool and helpful article on Dave's Computer Tips site:  How To: Setup Windows 8 for quick/easy familiarization & acclimation! Thanks to Jim Hiller for this very helpful article!

Microsoft has provided information on transferring files from XP to Windows 8:

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