The Last Hurrah?

The countdown has started for Windows XP' final days of support. Microsoft's countdown.

It's a bitter sweet time for a lot of us. This website was devoted to Windows XP and Outlook Express. I spent many an hour finding solutions and resolving problems for XP and OE. But now it seemingly is coming to an end.

So guess it is time for a change at least for a lot of us, but hold on, there are oh so many folks who will not change.

The reasons are varied.  Some folks are just totally resistant to change.  Others can't afford to change. Still others need XP because of the software they use that doesn't seem to work on newer versions of Windows. Then there are the folks that just can't give up Outlook Express. OE doesn't come with later versions of Windows.

While Outlook Express was great in it's heyday, it is no longer supported and hasn't been for a long time. It is easily corrupted and has other faults as well.

But even some of the Windows XP users that don't use Outlook Express are still loathe to give it up.  It's like an old comfortable bathrobe, still usable and so maybe it does have a few holes.

There are a great many websites that are warning users of dire consequences if they continue to use an unsupported operating system. "Hackers are just lying in wait." (They could be, too!)

However, if users just use some common sense and precautions it could be OK to continue to use Windows XP. (Unfortunately a great many folks don't use common sense, but that's another story!)

The Windows Club has a good site for XP users, 

 Securing Windows XP after End Of Support April 2014