Windows 95, 98, 98SE and ME

It is now official! If you are still using any version of Windows 9x, you should be aware that Microsoft is no longer providing any support for Windows 98 and Windows ME. Microsoft has not supported Windows 95 for a long time. These versions of Windows are outdated and can expose users to security risks.

Ah, the many flavors of Windows. I've used them all with the exception of Windows ME. Windows 95 was a huge improvement over Windows 3.1. (I used that too) When I first got Windows 95 with IE 4, it converted me from using Netscape. I thought Windows 95 was the ultimate! Never mind all those BSODs. (Blue Screen Of Death) A reboot usually fixed that problem. But I wanted my computer to run perfect all the time, so I researched and researched trying to find out what caused all those crashes. Some BSODs!

I learned more about fatal exceptions and wayward DLLs than I really wanted to know. I don't know if there were any Yahoo Groups back then, at least I didn't find them if there were, I was on my own. It didn't help matters much that I was a downloading fool and was always installing & uninstalling programs from the web.

I learned about virus then too. I have no idea how I got this virus or which virus it was, but it totally wrecked my computer. Then I learned how to format the hard drive (a whopping 2.2 gig) and reinstall Windows. I installed Windows using floppy disks too! 13 disks! That made a believer out of me, I've been paranoid about virus ever since.

Windows 98 was a major improvement over Windows 95. Upgrading to 98 SE probably wasn't that big a deal, but I waited to get Windows 98 until SE was available, so that's what I used. Still the occasional BSOD, but not as often.

I decided to forget about Windows ME, by this time I found my Yahoo Groups & the feedback from them convinced me to stick with Windows 98. It has been rumored that Microsoft regrets Windows ME. However many users liked ME and had no problems with it.

There are still a lot of folks using Windows 95. As long as it does what they want, then there is no reason for them to change. The same is true for any version of Windows. If you are happy with what you have, then don't change. However, these earlier versions of Windows are no longer supported and many of the newer security programs will not work on Windows 9x versions. So if security is important to you, maybe you should seriously think about upgrading.

One way to keep your version of Windows 9x happy and working well is to take advantage of the system tools that come with Windows. No matter which version you have, system tools are found the same way. The system tools are located in Programs/Accessories/System Tools. There you find Scandisk and Defrag. They are there for a reason, so use them! They will help keep your computer running at peak performance. For more information on how to use Scandisk and Defrag, go to PC Maintenance.

All you ever wanted to know about BSODs!

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Microsoft's Windows 98 Solution Center.

Some resources for Windows ME I have never used ME, so can't say for sure about this site, however it appears to be a very good site for ME.

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