Yahoo's 'neo' Is All Wrong

There are so many things wrong with neo it is hard to know where to start.

I made some new accounts to test this neo as my current ID hasn't been transferred to neo. I expect it will happen any time now.

All new Yahoo members will see neo. Its only a matter of time before everyone will see the neo version of Yahoo Groups.

Many things owners and moderators need to use are no longer functioning. We can still approve or reject posts, but editing isn't really working.  If we reject a post, we cannot tell the sender why it is being rejected.

If we need to find a member in the member list, before neo, we could export the member list to a file and search for the member. That no longer works. For awhile it seemed to work but recently it seems to be disabled.

When someone goes to CHAD, they don't see the home page as we had it set up. In order to see the Home page they need to click About. How many folks will do that?

While I am sure a lot of folks like the new (neo) Yahoo, a lot more of us don't. I can only hope that it will get better as time goes by, but for now it's a real pain for owners/moderators. Too many things don't work.

I'm trying to keep positive, but Yahoo doesn't make it easy!

Some screenshots for neo.